I finished reading State of Fear a couple nights ago, and wrote the review yesterday, and finally got a chance to post the review on my site. I won’t really go into it too much, since the review speaks for itself… I went to the bookstore again today, and I must say I need to stop buying books. I’m certainly buying them faster than I can read them. So I’m officially not buying any more books (except two from a series that are on my to-read list) until I’ve completed my reading list. I simply have too much to do, and too little time to do it. The rest of the day was spent lounging around, working on my computer. I have to say, I’m thoroughly considering getting a really nice laptop, and working on building my desktop PC later on. I had a chance to put my hands on a really nice laptop today, that’s right in my price range, once I get my tax return. I haven’t decided though. It basically comes down to a cost/benefit analysis, and I’m still working on that. That’s about it. Tomorrow/today is the ’24’ premiere, and we’re planning on having a get-together to watch it. I sure hope it’s good. Anyway, I’m out, gotta get some sleep.

State of Fear Reviewed:

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