First off, I’ve posted three new picture galleries from my birthday, and Fabricio and Monica’s wedding. Take a look. I felt it was time to check in. Things have been hectic lately, and I’ve been putting off writing anything for a long time. I’ve been bothered by a great number of things lately. I don’t feel creative anymore. I lack creative thoughts, and my desire to create unique things has been waning more and more. I have to break out of this funk. Soon. So I’ve had to make some changes to my reading philosophy. I’m going to buy and and all books in electronic format from now on, when possible. I’ve simply got so many books, that I’ve run out of storage for them. Therefore, I must convert to electronic format when feasible. After all, it’s infinitely more convenient, and useful to me to buy ebooks. It’s more economical, too. So, with the exception of some of the upcoming books that aren’t published in ebook format that I want, I’m converting to eBooks, exclusively. That’s not to say that people can’t still buy me paperback and or hardcover books though. Lately, I’ve felt the need to read. It seems that every time I go to the bookstore, I pick up at least one new book. The last time I went, I found a minimum of ten books I wanted to purchase, but held back and only bought one. The saddest part, however, is that I currently have 19 books (Hitchhiker’s Guide is 5 books in one), for a total of 6665 pages of text in my to-read list. That’s not including the book I’m currently reading, or the rest of the Complete Sherlock Holmes ebook I’ve been reading for the past year. Add to that the other 31 books on my to-buy list, and the 5 must-have books coming out before the end of the year (including the 1048 page A Feast for Crows) and I have my work cut out for me. But I must stop buying books. I’m buying them faster than I can read them these days. It’s like a sickness. I guess it’s better to have too much to read, rather than too little, right? But it bothers me that I only read roughly 15 books per year now, whereas, when I was in high-school, I might read as many as 100 books per year. Granted, I don’t have as much free time as I did then, but I feel like I don’t have the concentration I had then either. I feel like I have attention deficit disorder. Except I can concentrate when I want to. I simply have too much going through my mind, at any given time. I tend to fade into Brad-world from time to time, tuning out the world around me, and focusing my mind inward, getting lost in my own thoughts. But alas, my writing bug is already fading for tonight, and I feel the lure of a book, calling to me. Goodnight.

The Need To Read…

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