Whitley Strieber‘s The Grays is an interesting read from front to back, and never disappoints. In fact, it’s hard to know what to expect at any time throughout the novel, as the author provides enough twists and turns to keep readers constantly guessing.

On the surface, The Grays at first appears to be a fairly typical alien-abduction story, but quickly expands to a cataclysmic scale, and the author’s imagination provides for some unique ideas, and an interesting climax.

On the whole, The Grays is extremely successful in weaving a complex plot around a fantastic and believable set of characters. From the uber-genius child, to the militant fanatic, to the ailing relationship of the parents, to the unique capabilities of the Grays, the book succeeds on all levels.

The story builds nicely to the climax and resolves pretty much all of the plot elements. It’s a book that defies expectations, but does not leave the reader disappointed.

– Reviewed by Bradley K. Brown

Book Review: The Grays

time to read (approx.): 1 min