Early in the year, 2011 seemed promising, with four books under my belt by the first week of February. I hit a small speed bump with book five of the year, but quickly ramped my pace back up. Indeed, near the end of April, I had finished nine books, and appeared to be pretty much on pace with previous years. Then, Game of Thrones hit television on HBO, and drew me down a path I’d not anticipated.

It had been more than a decade since I’d last read A Game of Thrones, and though I remembered how much I’d enjoyed it, little did I recall how fantastic those books are. I began re-reading the series, which brought my pace to a standstill. In two months, I’ve read only three books, though their page count will more than make up for them, I’m certain. In fact, I’m ahead of where I was a year ago, by a few pages, though the actual number of books is less.

Still, I had forgotten how good this series was, and continue to enjoy reading them. I’m convinced they are likely the best books I’ve ever read (with a very few exceptions I’d have trouble naming). They continue to remind me why I love to read, and why I endeavor to do so every day–if only a little bit at a time.

So here is the progress I’ve made so far in this year 2011…

Read so far:

Books finished: 12

Pages read to date: 5,664

  • Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear (~320pp – eBook)
  • Containment by Christian Cantrell (~248pp – eBook)
  • Earth Abides by George R. Stewart (~368pp – eBook)
  • Out of the Dark by David Weber (~384pp – eBook)
  • Across the Universe by Beth Revis (~416pp – eBook)
  • Leviathans of Jupiter by Ben Bova (~480pp – eBook)
  • * WWW: Wonder by Robert J. Sawyer (~352pp – eBook)
  • The Second Ship by Richard Phillips (~368pp – eBook)
  • Immune by Richard Phillips (~350pp – eBook)
  • * A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin (~726pp – eBook)
  • * A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin (~728pp – eBook)
  • * A Storm of Swordsby George R.R. Martin (~924pp – eBook) * Highly-recommended reads.It’s always interesting to me to look back upon previous years, and to see what books I’ve read and enjoyed. In any given year, few books truly stand out among the crowd, but there’s always something. This year, I’ve already had four books that were absolutely riveting, and I’m just getting started. The remainder of the Song of Ice and Fireseries should keep me busy for at least another month, and then I’ve got several other novels I’ve been looking forward to for some time waiting in the wings. As of now, there are ten books being published by year’s end that I would like to read–not including the 27 that are on my ‘wanted’ list.I always keep busy reading, and never seem to run out of books I’d like to read. My only disadvantage is lack of time. If only there were more hours in the day, I could devote more of them to reading, which I so enjoy.The fact of re-reading so many books, and of 100% of my reading so far this year being electronic should help keep costs down this year. I never begrudge myself money for books, or Jenny either, for that matter. Reading is something precious few enjoy these days, and I consider it the best hobby one can partake in. I’m also emphatically happy that the eBook revolution has finally taken off, and that they are now beginning to out-sell physical copies for the first time. I’ve been tooting the horn of electronic books for years, but it seems the world has finally heard.

2011 Mid-Year Book Review

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