Mired in Paperwork

Things have been rather quiet lately on the house front. We’ve been waiting on the loan approval before construction can begin, and finally received some preliminary paperwork from the mortgage company last week. After sending it back, it’s been a waiting game once again.

I’m actually okay with the process going slowly. We’re in a lease at our current house until mid-May, so the idea of closing in late January/early February was a tad intimidating to me. The idea of having to pay for two homes for much time at all presents enormous challenges. Still, it’s been frustrating to tell people who ask how the house is going that is isn’t… at least not so far.

The wait is also beneficial for us, in that we need the additional time to continue saving for closing. We haven’t been able to put much into savings lately, with the earnest money, out-of-pocket add-ons for the house, and everything else that is required to survive, day-to-day. November should be a good month, and December should let us put quite a bit away, too. Unfortunately, it means that we’re not going to be able to buy anybody Christmas gifts this year–not even each other; still, it’s a small price to pay for securing a home for ourselves.

Something’s Happening

2012.11.04On Saturday, November 4th, we drove to the house site to show our friends the land, and–to my surprise and elation–something’s happening! The grass had been removed from the basic outline of where the house will go, and a sprinkler had been running to soften up the soil. There were stakes in the yard, marking where the driveway will go, and a pile of lumber, which will likely be used for the outline of the foundation. After nearly two months of absolutely no visible signs that a house was going to be there (other than our sold sign), there’s finally activity on the lot. Granted, it’s not actually a physical ground-breaking, but it’s still exciting.

Hopefully this means that everything is proceeding as expected, and that we’ll have our first construction meeting soon. I do know that once construction starts, it will seem like no time at all before it’s ready for us to move in.

The Building Blog: Part 4

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